Top 10 things to Keep your Car Ready for Rains

The rainy season has just arrived. So before rain hits the road we are here to hit the floor with the top advices for the car drivers.

So, here are the top 10 things to keep your car ready for rains:

1. Keep your Windows and Wiper System ready:

(i) Windows: In the rainy season, fog accumulates on the windows due to high humidity present in the air. So as to prevent the fog from accumulating on the surface of windows use your air conditioning system wisely. Turn on the heat and direct it towards the windscreens in order to keep all the windows devoid of fog.

(ii) Take care of your car’s Wiper System: Wiper Blades crack during summer, so it is advisable to check the wiper blades and to change the same if worn out.

It is also advisable to change the Water to washer fluids during rainy season to wash up the muddy water splashing on your windscreen.

2. Keep an umbrella in your car: Always keep an umbrella in your car. No one will like to get wet after coming out of the car. So, it is better advisable to keep an extra umbrella in your car in case you forget it.

3. Check your battery:

(i) Check your battery before rainy season so you are not stranded in mid of the rain.

(ii) Always keep a spare bunch of jumper cables in your carif yourbattery dies at the eleventh hour.

4. Fuel Tank: Always fill your fuel tank in rainy season so that you don’t get stuck in middle of nowhere.

5. Check your braking System: Check your brakes and replace the braking fluid before the start of rainy season to prevent skidding and accidents.

6. Surface protection:

(i) Hydrophobic Coating: Get your car coated with a hydrophobic coating to prevent mud or water sticking to the surface of your car.

(ii) Anti-Resistant coating: Get the under-chasis of your car coated with an anti resistant coating to increase the life of your car machinery.

(iii) Leak Prevention: Ensure that there are no leaks in your car and also change the rubber stoppers if needed.

7. Headlights: Ensure that the headlights are working upto their full efficiency. Rain reduces visibility to an extent, so headlights may come handy in such cases.

8. Driving Skills

 (i) 3 second Rule: Always remain at a distance that is always 4 seconds away from the leading vehicle at any speed.

(ii) Check for Pedestrians: Do not drive recklessly in rainy season and do not splash water over Bikers and Pedestrians. No one likes to get wet in Rain water while travelling.

(iii) Speed Limitation: It is often recommended to remain at a speed of 35 miles per hour while driving in rainy season to prevent Hydroplaning.

9. Interiors of a car: Always keep the interiors of your car clean in rainy season if you do not want your car to smell and increase the servicing cost.

(i) Always keep extra mats and covers in your car.

(ii) Always keep your car well scented in rainy season to reduce the smell in your car.

10. Prevention of Aquaplaning:

Also called Hydroplaning, it is a condition in which the car rides on the water instead of the road. It may cause skidding and may lead to loss of control in your car.

  • Always keep your car tires balanced.
  • Check the treads of the tires and make sure they align with the safety standards(2/3 of an inch) and are capable to prevent Hydroplaning.
  • Never use Cruise Control function while it is raining.

We hope that these advices will come handy to you in rainy season.

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